This 15 minute program covers disability news and information. Heard every second Monday at 4.30pm

A program full of topics for the under 25s. We look at issues and articles for the younger generation, 8.30pm Thursday nights.

Light, bright and entertaining readings from newspapers, magazines and specialist publications.

A lifestyle and wellness program heard at 9am Sunday mornings.

This half hour program looks at items and articles of interest that affects a modern day family.

Vision Australia Radio offers a range of book readings from novels, biographies, history – and the odd curiosity:

Interested in new technology and gadets – or simply looking for some basic advice on computers and what’s on the market?

A light reading program providing Melbourne residents with the latest news and events from the City of Melbourne.

A religious based reading program covering articles from various religious publications and websites.

Based on readings from newspapers, Choice magazine and other consumer based articles in the press, this program provides the household consumer with a variety of facts and findings.

One of our first ‘on line’ readings, Crikey is a thinking person’s reading program covering the events of the day in local, national and world news.

Hosted by Tim McQueen, this hour long program delivers some great book readings and short stories.

John Gee presents readings form the the Guardian Australia website

This Australiana program covers fact and fiction stories about Australia and poetry readings.

A religious based program heard at 6pm Sunday evenings.

John Perkins presents some interesting music from all parts of the world in this short, sharp and shiny program.

Ever conscious of looking after the planet Earth, this program covers environmental issues and readings.

Hear This is a weekly presentation from the Vision Australia Library service, bringing you up to date with what’s on offer.

This program features readings on health and keeping healthy.

A religious program which runs at 8am on Sunday mornings.

A religious program heard at 6am Monday to Friday and Sunday morning at 7.30am

Religious programming heard at 7am Sunday morning and repeated at 5.30 Sunday afternoons

This program shares information about all things media, particularly movies.

Keep your dollars working for you, by listening in at 3pm Wednesday afternoon.

Hosted by Roberta Ashby, this program looks at some of the old classic movies as well as new releases.

This weekly program from Blind Citizens Australia keeps members and listeners up to date with the organisation.

Keep up to date with the latest releases through this program each week.

On This Day is a daily look at the major, minor and quirky events that occurred on the day in question and is being hosted by Nick Green

Each week day between 7 and 8pm we present the thoughts and opinions of the public reading the letters to the editor of the major newspapers of the day.

In “Planes, Trains and Automobiles”, Graeme Bennett and Michael Densley rabbit on about anything that flies, moves on rails, or uses roads, and indeed, anything else that takes their fancy.

John has a passion for gardening; for him, the chance to learn new techniques, to grow things then develop new areas within the garden bring great pleasure and fulfilment.

This 30 minute program looks at the famous and the achievers of life and highlights their career.

An ongoing readings program providing an insight into the history makers and the achievers both locally and overseas.

This program looks at what’s hot in politics locally, nationally and overseas.

Modern day readings about the latest in pop culture.

Is a 15 minute program with readings about the cinema and what’s on at the movies.

Readings from the Saturday edition of the Age, Herald Sun and weekend Australian.

Readings from the Sunday Age and the Sunday Herald. This program goes to air between 10am and 12.30pm every Sunday

‘The Seeing Eye Dogs Show’ is your on-air guide to everything Seeing Eye Dogs

Let 'Talking Vision' be your national radio reference on blindness and low vision.

The program looks at what is happening in the courts, with analysis and commentary and, of course, readings from “Rumpole of the Bailey by Bill Charles.

“The Uncertainty Principle” is a program which explores all areas of Science. Articles from ‘New Scientist’, ‘Scientific American’, ‘Australasian Science’, ‘Cosmos’ and the daily press (amongst others) are read

A wonderful program full of new technical ideas and technology which is heard at 9.30 on Thursday nights.

This online current affairs and news program goes to air at 5pm every weekday afternoon and repeated at 6.30am Tuesday to Friday.

Essential information to start your day. Readings from the Age and Herald Sun heard daily.

Readings from the Australian and Financial Review, including the stock market report.

Aimed at the retired sector of the community this half hour program covers all aspects of retirement.

Selected readings from one of the most recognisable magazines in the world.

A fun hour program talking topics and playing related music to the topics.

Fancy some travelling? This program can give you all the goods spots to go to with readings from newspapers, magazines and specialised publications.

Stella Glorie rolls out what’s on the TV during the day and night.

Perth's tourism program focusing on services for people who are blind of have low vision

Vision Sport is a lively informative sports program which looks at all the latest sports news – and delves into some of the lesser known sports as well.

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