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Support for South Australians - The Royal Commission into Violence, Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation of People with Disability (Disability Royal Commission)

27 May 2020

The Disability Royal Commission wants to hear from people with disability or their families or carers about their experiences of violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation.

Vision Australia Radio sponsor Disability Rights Advocacy Service (DRAS) provides a free advocacy service for South Australians wanting to tell their story to the Disability Royal Commission. DRAS advocates can assist you to complete your submission in the way you are most comfortable with, in writing, through recording your story or through phone or video link up (where possible). Advocates will also assist you to access the free legal and counselling services that are available to people making submissions.

South Australians can contact Disability Rights Advocacy Service on 8351 9500 to talk with an Advocate who will listen to what has gone wrong for individuals or for someone you might know and what you believe needs to be done to fix these issues. The Advocate will discuss with you how they can help you prepare your submission, collect any documents you might need and support you through the process, including participating in any hearings.

Below: Vision Australia Radio presenter Peter Greco speaks to DRAS about services available to the people of South Australia.

Aboriginal people and people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds are encouraged to tell their stories and there are free interpreting services available to assist you to do this.

If you are affected by your contact with the Disability Royal Commission or by abuse you might have suffered in the past you should call Relationships Australia on Ph: 1800 577 571 or the Blue Knot Counselling and Referral Service on 1800 421 468

You are not alone, Disability Rights Advocacy Service can help you tell your story.

Call (08) 8351 9500 and ask for the Disability Royal Commission Advocate.